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Shopping for teens can be very difficult, especially a girl. They can be pretty picky and particular when it comes to clothes, even though clothes are usually what they want the most! Unless you have a list of links to specific items for the teen girl in your life, ideas for other gifts can be quite a challenge.

With all of this in mind, below you will find a list of gift ideas that the teen girl you are planning to buy for might really like.

Easy Gifts

  1. Jewelry. Most types of jewelry are acceptable and trending items can be easily seen by looking at other teens, asking the jeweler, or just by seeing what your teen already likes and wears. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even fashionable watches are always great choices.
  2. Sleepwear. Some teen girls are not as particular about the clothes they wear at home as those they were out. Pajama pants, silky or fluffy robes, and cute slippers are super choices!
  3. Electronics. Your teen girl might be ready for an upgraded cell phone, computer, tablet, camera, or television. They use all of these items not only to stay in touch with friends and family, but also for homework and entertainment. Take an inventory on her current electronics and see if it is time for an upgrade.
    1. Accessories. Cell phone cases, laptop bags, tablet cases, computer trays, and any other accessory that can be purchased is a perfect idea if you have decided to upgrade her electronics. Getting a new accessory for the new purchase is ideal.
  4. Gift cards. These are always easy to purchase and come in handy for your teen. A gift card for iTunes, if they use Apple products, is an awesome gift. Gift cards for the local mall can normally be used at any store within that mall. Even gift cards for your teen’s favorite stores are usually available and can often be used online as well as at the physical location. Another thought is a salon gift card for your teen to get her hair or nails done. You can never go wrong with a gift card!

Get Creativegift photo

  1. Personalized Items. There is a great website for personalized gifts called (I have personally ordered many items from there over the years.) You can find T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, hats, and other items that can have photos or sayings on them. Many come all ready to go while others can be personalized with your own words or pictures.
  2. Concert or Event Tickets. Check your local venues for concerts or events that your teen girl might love. If you know her favorite band or musician, see if they will be playing within the next several months. Or, if your teen enjoys sports see if there are tickets for an upcoming game. Even tickets to live shows can be a good idea if your teen enjoys them.
  3. Room Décor. Maybe your teen would like to have her room redecorated. This in itself can be terrific gift! If you cannot afford to do the whole room, get a few items instead such as a cool lamp, a vanity for doing her hair and makeup, a new bedding set, or a comfy chair where she can kick back after school.
  4. Memberships or Subscriptions. Think about purchasing a fan club membership for your teen’s favorite band or a subscription to a popular fashion magazine she enjoys.

With the holidays approaching, it is time for many to begin their shopping. Don’t wait until the last minute – you may be at the mercy of sold-out tickets or shipping delays. Start now with some of these great ideas for the teen girl in your life!

Do you have other great gift ideas you would like to share? Please leave a comment below!


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