Mar 112013

When your children talk about aches or pains, do you really listen and take it seriously?  You should.

As parents we know that there are times when our children exaggerate.  It mostly happens when they are little it seems.  They would talk about that gigantic spider in their room or that enormous animal in the yard – both of which were “this big!”  But, when our children grow into teens, do we carry over that habit of thinking they might be exaggerating?  I think it is natural, if we do., stock.xchng, 13dede,

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I learned that listening to my daughter really is important.  A few years ago at the age of 13, she told me that she always leaned a certain way when she was sitting at her desk and that she thought it was caused from Scoliosis.  She actually talked about this more than once.  I did not think she even knew what Scoliosis was; much less believe that she had it.  Well, guess what?  She was right!

I took my daughter in for her school physical and the doctor confirmed her suspicions with an exam and X-ray.  (I wrote a complete article on this for Yahoo Voices! if you are interested in our Scoliosis experience specifically.)  What I want to touch on here; however, is that listening to our kids is important.  Taking their concerns into consideration is important.  Paying attention to what aches they have is important.  It is all important.

Sure, what they are feeling may turn out to be nothing.  But at the same time what they are feeling could turn out to be something.  Listen to your kids.


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