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How do you know when it is time to have your teen’s wisdom teeth removed? We are going through this right now, so I can shed some light on the signs to look for and when it might be okay to wait.

You know it is time to make an appointment with a dentist/oral surgeon when:

  1. Your teen’s wisdom teeth, or the areas surrounding those teeth, are hurting, bleeding or inflamed.
  2. Your teen’s teeth have moved on either the top or bottom. This is especially important if your teen had straight teeth naturally or braces to straighten them.
  3. Your teen is having pain in their ear or area surrounding the back of the jaw in conjunction with those teeth coming in.

Normally the wisdom teeth come in between the ages of 16 – 25, depending on who you ask. So, you can expect to see some sort of action happening with those late-blooming molars around that time.

Image by, stock.xchng, Cieleke,

Image by, stock.xchng, Cieleke,

We saw my daughter’s dentist last week and the oral surgeon today. The decision has been made to remove all four wisdom teeth now.  Since all four teeth are impacted, meaning that they have not broken the surface yet, she will need anesthesia so that she sleeps through the procedure which will include extraction and suturing.

My daughter is 16, which is on the young age to have hers removed. However, she is having pain and inflammation with one of them. Her bottom teeth, which were straightened with braces, are already beginning to move. Finally, the X-rays showed the bottom teeth coming in at a direct angle towards her other molars. For these reasons, we have decided it is time and best to take all four at once to avoid multiple procedures.

Both and the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons have some great information on this topic as well.

Just because the wisdom teeth may be coming in, does not necessarily mean that they need to be removed or removed now. Look for the signs above and if there is any question, you should speak to your teen’s dentist.

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