What I Learned…


We learn from being parents, we learn things from our children, and we learn / have learned from our own parents.

White RoseI also believe that the longer we are parents – the older our children get – the more we learn…

…and, what do we learn?  What are those things?

Please comment and share something that YOU have learned.  This can be something to help others, something that had a big affect on you, or just something that you might never forget.

Thank you in advance for sharing :-)

  7 Responses to “What I Learned…”

  1. My children have taught me to truly love and to freely express that love. It’s the greatest feeling in the world!

  2. Among many things, my kids teach me that it’s ok to be different and that those who truly love you will embrace those differences, not try to change you. I think I learn something new every day from them though. :)

    • Nicely said, Lisa. It can be hard for any of us to keep that in mind at times, especially with how some people can be – un-accepting. If we weren’t all different and unique the world would be a boring place!

  3. My son has reminded me that it is always ok to be happy and show excitement because that makes everyone smile

    • Shawn, that’s a great thing for all of us to remember. With all of the stresses that adults can go through, being happy when we ARE happy really makes us and those around us smile!

  4. My daughter has taught me many things. One thing that comes to mind today since I just wrote about it, is that she taught me to believe in myself. :-)

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