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I try hard, although it is difficult, to remember that times have changed.  Things that were uncommon when I was a teenager are common for today’s teen.  Piercings is a perfect example of this.  I am not sure if it was the small town I lived in or the time I was a teen, but when I was that age it was unusual to see anyone with anything other than ear piercings on the average teen.  If I did see it, it was in a movie and the teens were usually in their later teens.

Photo by:, stock.xchng, cinezi,

Photo by:, stock.xchng, cinezi,

Nowadays, piercings seem to be much more common:  ear piercings that go all the way around the edge of the ear, face piercings on the nose, lip, and eyebrow, and then of course the body piercings on the navel and other not-to-be-named spots.  This all seems to be the norm now.

I allowed my daughter to have her ears pierced (one hole in each lobe) at the age of ten.  Now that she is close to 16 she is bringing up having her nose and navel pierced along with more holes in her ears.  As much as I am against certain piercings at her age, I also have to remind myself that times have changed.

So, what is the answer to “Mom, can I have my ______ pierced?”  Does it depend on the age?  Does it depend on the part of the body?  Or, is there simply an all-encompassing rule in the home?  I am quite sure that every parent has a different view.

There is a lot to consider health-wise when it comes to piercings as well.  Infection, allergic reactions, and damage to nerves are just a few items to keep in mind.  The Center for Young Women’s Health has some great information on this topic.

According to Statistic Brain as of May 2012, 14% of Americans have a body piercing other than their ear lobe and 72% of the pierced population is women.  Those numbers are not staggering, but interesting.  I actually thought that the 14% would be much higher.  So, I guess the argument of “but Mom, everyone is doing it” will not work!  Another statistic they note is that 31% of piercings had complications.  I actually thought that this number would be lower.

I personally have had my ears pierced since the age of four.  I got one other hole pierced when I was 12 and then a third and one on the other side in my early 20’s – all on the lobes.  At this point, I do not have a problem with my daughter getting more holes pierced in her ears.  However, I cannot bring myself to allow piercings anywhere else on her body.  Call me old-fashioned, but this is my ruling and she knows it.

So again, what do you consider as a parent when/if this question comes up?  Do you think about the health risks?  Again, does age make a difference in your decision?   Does the location of the piercing or what others might think when they see your teen play into it?

We would love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. The 14% is surprising. I can only think of a few people I know around my age or younger who don’t have extra holes.

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